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Hi and Welcome, 

 I’m Rachael Burgess a Personal & Spiritual 
Development Coach.

​My Passion is teaching people how to make life work better and so much more ​with a touch of ​
Inspiration from spirit & the universe.
I help people who have lost themselves after Toxic Relationships, Grief, Trauma and Hardships. My Goal is to help you rediscover your fire within your soul with passion and purpose to inspire to be you again.

I draw my connection to the universe as well as my skills, training and life experiences to help you move forward with more confidence to live life better and to love your life fully.

"Helping you move forward "
Clarity - Purpose - Empowered

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Inspire to be you again

After Toxic Relationships, Grief, Trauma and Hardships 

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Dyslexia to Spiritual & Personal Development Coach


I have been in the entrepreneurship for more than 20 years. At the age of 24, I have been serving more than 10,000 customers with my successful cake business, Rachael's DesignaCake. In Australia, I was a consistent small business champion state winner in 2007, 2008, and 2009.

I could say I am not an ordinary entrepreneur. I have been struggling with dyslexia and became independent at age of 18. I have faced grief, a 6-year divorce settlement, toxic family members and friends, being a single mum of 4, hardships and even more. But that doesn't stop me from pursuing my passion of helping others who may have gone through the same experiences or even worse.

I am now the CEO of "Rachael Burgess Courses," and I am passionate about Business, Personal Development and Spiritual coaching. My mission is to help many move forward with their personal life and spirituality with clarity, purpose, and confidence.
More about me
Recognized internationally, I'm passionate about life and helping others as I have had my own fair share of obstacles thrown my way, but the difference is I only see them as life lessons and transformations that help us grow. 
…Now my life mission is to help others worldwide figure out how to have it all whilst living a Peaceful, Happy, Joyful life no matter what situation you may be in...

Having the right positive universal mindset got me through it all, I look at hard times as the greatest life lessons with no regrets. Now  I'm able to use those life skill, my intuition and certification combined to help others.
"My struggles all lead to a bigger picture and that picture is to help you overcome your struggles in life".
Becoming a course content creator to deliver my knowledge to the world so that I can help as many people as I can is a dream that's finally coming true.

Helping others is everything I've hoped and dreamed of since I was little. The reward of been able to make a difference in people's lives is priceless.
I am also proud a very proud mum to 4 beautiful children,  blessed to now be married to my amazing husband, step mum to 2 more beautiful children, long life ​friend, daughter, ​niece and Aunty,  I own and run 2 businesses. I am truly Blessed and living my best, peaceful happiest life.
I personally refer to the Universe or Universal God or Spirit
To me SPIRITUAL = ALL BELIEFS Spirit, the Universe, Guides, God, Buddha, Whatever  your faith and belief is.
They have always had my back and now it's my turn to teach you how to ​have it all as well with a little bit of faith.

What areas in life do I cover?​​

"All areas and stages of life"


Been a Single parent
The Afterlife
Personal Growth
Life Balance
​Starting a business
Business, Career, Finances
Loneliness (Isolation)
Health, Spiritual​
​Positive Mindset
overcoming Stress
​Anxiety and so on......

​Why I Can Help You?

Trained by the best over the last 10 years in many different areas.

I look at the future verses the past, I use my intuition and strategic planning to help you move ​forward in life. Observing where blockages or mindsets come from.

I help people open up their mind to a more positive outlook on life.​​ Helping you discover what your heart desires, what dreams and ambitions you have.

What things you want to ​overcome or achieve in your day to day life and to find your inner power, passion ​and your self again is bringing people back to finding ​their joy and peace.

Tapping into your intuition and learning how the universe works with you is one of life's ​secrets to success in all areas. 

I have Experienced a lot in my life, more than I can say on here.

This has lead me to my life purpose to help others and pass on my wisdom to teach others how to do it and how I got through it all with such a positive mindset with my intuition AKA your GUT.​

Sometimes we all need that extra person in our lives to listen and understand us, besides our friends and family.

"Life can be a struggle for some but I've always believed there is ​a
positive to every negative, it's just a change in perception and mindset"

Coaching is a completely different style of practice to empower people in many different areas of their life and my practice is a little different because I work intuitively and ​read energy very naturally.

Helping you uncover what truly lies ​deep within you by asking you the right questions, and reaching for fulfilled life with Love and Happiness.​​

​Sessions are 100% Safe, private ​and confidential.

They are 1hr long sessions, via Zoom, Phone or Face to face. I hold great integrity with the utmost respect to each and everyone ​of ​my clients.

No judgement is ever present in my sessions, it's a safe place for you to be able to open up in and be heard.

It takes Trust and 100% honesty from my clients to establish a true outcome.

It requires you to be accountable for yourself and we may look at taking ​small steps to get you moving in the right direction for you to reach your end result. ​

We are all living our own life, ​we don't want to be told what to do or how to do it.

I am here to help empower you to grow to your fullest potential.

I'm not here to tell you what to do or not to do. ​At the end of the day it's your life not anyone else.

"The Answer is always within you, sometimes you just need help from someone to pull it out of you"

I'm not a counselor, psychologist, ​or therapist.​

I HAVE BEEN THERE AND LIVED IT ​and got through the other side.

​My life purposes is to help you find the power within you to move forwardto overcome any obstacle that may be in your way from living a happy ​peaceful and abundant life.

I'm here to help you to get through life challenges.

The power is within you, my job is to help you find it again.

"We are souls having a human experience"



I'm extremely proud and excited to announce that I've been accepted as an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine! Over the coming months, I'll be writing regular articles for Brainz readers to enjoy - I'll be sure to share them with you all here too, so watch this space!

Brainz Magazine is a fast-growing global digital publication covering Business, Lifestyle, Mindset, Sustainability, and Leadership topics. The editorial teams have a strong understanding of what their readers are interested in, and the magazine reaches over 300,000 people every week, spanning over 65 countries!


Rachael Burgess BRAINZ Magazine Executive Contributor

"The Answer is always within you,
​sometimes you just need help from
someone to pull it out of you"
-Rachael Burgess-

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